Creativity Important in Immersion in World of Warcraft

People think that fictional games are dangerous but some think it's a chance for improved learning. This  guy followed this group of players in World of Warcraft, the largest role play game in the world and found that they really want to feel like they are in a different world. The players need to come up with explanations as to why enemies keep reappearing and how they communicate long distances. That guy says that it's the game's engineering that makes it hard to believe it's real. To make those explanations the players need a good imaginations and well-developed communication skills.     



Life in Outer Space!

Astronomers have found planets circling brown and white dwarfs that might be able to sustain life! White dwarfs are the cores of burnt out stars and brown dwarfs are the failed stars. If the planets are in habitable zones today, they were previously in the inner zone and were uninhabitable. They don’t glow like the sun but give off some light.  The dwarfs are slowly cooling and dimming which means they were in the deadly near inner zone. Astronomers have found a rogue planet floating through space without a star and it’s label is  CFBDSIR2149. No terrestrial or Earth like planets have been found yet. The inner zone makes a planet a runaway greenhouse like Venus. As the dwarfs cool their habitable zones slowly shrink inward. Some people think these planets are dead anyway.

This artist's impression shows the free-floating planet CFBDSIR J214947.2-040308.9. This is the closest such object to the Solar System. It does not orbit a star and hence does not shine by reflected light; the faint glow it emits can only be detected in infrared light. Here we see an artist’s impression of an infrared view of the object with an image of the central parts of the Milky Way from the VISTA infrared survey telescope in the background. The object appears blueish in this near-infrared view because much of the light at longer infrared wavelengths is absorbed by methane and other molecules in the planet's atmosphere. In visible light the object is so cool that it would only shine dimly with a deep red color when seen close-up.                   This is an artist's impression of a super-luminous supernova exploding in an interacting and very strongly star-forming galaxy at high redshift.            

Halo 4

Halo 4 is the new Halo game that came out a few weeks ago. The main character is called Master Chief. He is a Spartan and is in cyro sleep. In story Mode you are on a planet and you have to defeat a species called Promethean. Multiplayer mode is matchmaking(online against other people) and there is forge where you build your own maps. The forge is upgraded so you can link object together with magnets. There are new weapons added to your arsenal. They’ve taken out the armor ability Armor Lock and added Promethean  Vision which lets you see through walls. They’ve also added a portable shield. If you want to learn more about the game go to Halo Waypoint.


Sandy’s Trail of Destruction:Cuba

Hurricane Sandy is ravaging the west coast of the US and Canada.  In Cuba a lot of houses were leveled and people became homeless. The damage is estimated at about 50 BILLION DOLLARS!!! They had no electricity at all. Lots of houses are missing their roofs or part of their roofs.  The waves were 9M HIGH.It was a category 2 hurricane in one morning! A total of 18 planeloads of help arrived there. The help said that Cuba hasn’t seen anything this bad in 60 years. An enormous rock was thrown through a house by the hurricane!!!  Hurricane Sandy is a big time natural disaster. It will take a very long time to rebuild everything. Many people lost lots of their possesions and will never get them back.


Star Wars the Old Republic is Free to Play!!

I’m going to be playing a game called Star Wars The Old Republic which takes place about 3500 years before the rise of Darth Vader. In this story driven MMO you play as a Sith or Jedi. This game is free to play up to level 50 so if you’re a fan of Star Wars give this game a try! there are four classes on each side: Trooper(Light Side),Smuggler(Light Side), Jedi Knight(Light Side), Jedi Consular(Light Side)/Bounty Hunter(Dark Side), Imperial Agent(Dark Side), Sith Warrior(Dark Side), Sith inquisitor(Dark Side). Each class has its advanced classes for the Sith Warrior it’s a Sith Marauder or a Sith Juggernaut. The Sith Inquisitor is a Sith Assassin or a Sith Sorceror. You get your own starship to fly around in. As you go to different planets you find Companions that will help you with your travels. They all have different personalities and skills. The bad news is that you can only have 2 players on a server. I have a level 17 Sith Warrior on The Harbringer. With your starship,mine the Fury class interceptor, you can participate in space battles in which you shoot the Republic Talon class  starships. You can buy upgrades for your ship too.



World of Warcraft

I love to play World of Warcraft with my dad and friends. World of Warcraft is free to play up to level 20 or you can pay $64 for 2 months of play. There are over 11 million players on World of Warcraft. The new expansion is HERE,  Mists of Pandaria!! It is so fun but you cannot fly in Pandaria yet. I’ve made a Pandaren monk already and it was so fun. The new class is the Monk and any race can be a Monk.

Interest Survey

One of the questions was do you have any pets. Brayden C is like me because he doesn’t play instruments and he plays COD.  Brittany S is like me because she hasn’t been outside of Canada and she has 3 cats. Nicole H is like me because she wants her own horse and she hates bees. Ryan M is like me because he likes to play video games (YAY!!!) and likes to watch TV. Melissa M is unlike me because she goes on facebook and she wants to go to Paris. Anthony H is not like me because he watches south park and has a dog. Shelby A is  unlike me because she goes on facebook and she hates spiders.

The Trouble With Cyberbullying

The trouble with cyberbullying is that when someone is being bullied online, they don’t tell their parents and the problem just gets worse.  Another trouble is that people who’ve been cyberbullied usually go to school or whatever and be depressed or they might not go at all.  Also they might even be afraid to go outside because they think that someone is going to hurt them because that’s what they said on the computer or whatever.  They might never get a job or go to university because of cyberbullying. They might also consider suicide!  What you can do to help is if you see that someone is being cyberbullied, go over and talk it over with them, try to make them feel better about themselves.